ANIMAL PHARM: Where Beasts Meet Biotech

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It’s a recurring theme throughout history - human apathy, neglect, and even cruelty toward animals. In fact, human beings are directly responsible for the extinction of thousands of species. The theme is so well-known, George Orwell drew upon it in his 1945 best-seller, ANIMAL FARM. There, the animals finally revolted against human abuse and oppression. But today, another force is at work too. The heroic and selfless efforts of dedicated scientists and veterinarians who aim to turn the corner on humanity’s historic exploitation and debasement of the animal kingdom. Pioneering treatments are well underway in the newly emerging field of regenerative medicine which aim to cure animal diseases, ease suffering, enhance quality of life, even bring extinct animal species back to life. It’s a new kind of “Animal Pharm” – one with a “P-H” – one where the best humans have to offer, is now offered to the beasts of our planet. Humanity will even benefit from this developing technology.

Directed by Dr. Elliott Haimoff