Max Wyler

President, Accord Productions

Accord Productions in its 31 years in business has developed into the most complete production facility in South Florida. Accord has the facilities and expertise to produce TV shows, corporate training shows, TV advertisements both short format and long format. William “Max” Wyler leads his team on projects for all the major TV networks with recent shows on History Channel,  HGTV – “House Giveaway Key Largo”, Velocity Channel – “South Beach Classics”, HULU – scripted drama “South Beach” and continued work for Viacom Network for promotional work for many of their shows.


Max currently oversees a team of producers who can write content in both English and Spanish. The whole creative and budgeting process starts at the scripting stage, many hours are spent doing research and re-writes to make sure that the script’s content is accurate, creative and in the case of advertising, persuasive. Max oversees producers who write for all types of production needs. Accord specializes in training and advertising content with many training videos and commercials produced for the fast food industry, leisure industry and services industry. With recently completed projects for NCL, Subway Restaurants, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, General Electric and Mount Siani hospital/Miami Beach. 


Max’s Accord team has five in-house shooting crews and the full range of production equipment needed to accomplish all types of production needs. This equipment includes field cameras, studio cameras, jib arms, lighting, teleprompters, audio kits, scan converters, monitors, make-up kits, backgrounds, portable green screens and all the ancillary equipment that modern television production requires.


Max has assembled a top notch team of editors and has 12 different edit stations, in AVID, Final Cut and Premiere to provide exact editing, sound recording, new media or graphics that a particular production needs. The art staff that Max has created for special effects and design is some of the best creative minds in the country. With a total staff of 27 people and many great freelancer relationships Max and Accord have their hands on several shows, commercials, training videos, and features at any given time.


The Beach Channel TV, Miami Beach, Florida Channel 5 Atlantic Broadband and Channel 19 AT&T

Producer and Writer/Owner from May 2008 - Present


Max lead a team to acquire The Beach Channel from OnBoard Media in 2008 the channel is a privately owned and produced South Florida TV channel that is featured on  Atlantic Broadband Cable Networks - Channel 5. The Beach Channel is viewed in 650,000 households and in 13,000 hotel rooms throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties as well as on Apple TV and Roku or on The Beach Channel App. Since acquiring the Beach Channel, Max and his team have expanded the audience from a little over 100,000 households and 8000 hotel rooms to 650,000 households and 13,000 hotel rooms. Max’s team has upgraded the programing and ad revenue has increased 20 fold. The channel is now one of the most popular local TV channels in the South Florida market.


The Welcome Channel, South Florida has been in business for over 31 years and was acquired by Accord Productions in 2016



Accord Production Center, Miami, Florida Property Manager/Owner December 2003 to Present


In 2001 it was plainly apparent that Accord Productions had outgrown its space at the Grove 2000 building. Max Wyler decided that South Florida needed a “one stop shop” for production and creative services and he and partners developed the Accord Production Center. The facility is 41,000 square foot production studio that works 24 hours a day 7 days per week, it is close to major hot spots in South Florida. This multi-million dollar facility now houses production companies, public relation firms, audio and music studios and design and animation companies including Accord Productions.


It was a big gamble at the time to buy two empty large buildings with just an idea but Max had a hunch that it would be a hit from day #1. 13 years later the Accord Production Center is the home for the best in the advertising, production/post production, music, PR and animation and design in Florida.


ADCO Productions, Miami, Florida Operations Manager from June 1985 to Jan 1988


Upon graduation from Fort Hays State University Max accepted a job from a financially troubled production company where his brother worked as a production assistant. The company was bleeding money and needed a business and marketing plan that would allow for it to succeed. Max did a thorough evaluation of the company. Upon his arrival he was forced to make some tough calls, including staffing changes and a major change to the business and marketing plan. The company turned around quickly and became very successful which lead Max and his brother to decide that if they could do it as employees they could do it as owners and they started Accord Productions in May of 1988.